Founded by three friends in the early seventies, Xtex has been delivering top notch customer service and amazing polythene solutions ever since.


Xtex was founded in the late 60's, by three Yorkshire business men who became friends through their work in the textile industry. Whilst working in the textile industry they saw an opportunity to start a business that could make polythene packaging which was starting to be used in the packing of raw wool in the Bradford mills. 

Xtex has worked tirelessly throughout the last 50 years to ensure that their technical knowledge is always at the leading edge, their machinery and processes are flexible in application and their customer service second to none. At Xtex we make sure that if you already know what you want, we can make it quickly at a price you can't help but smile at. If you know you need something but you're not sure what, the staff at Xtex are all excellent at guiding you through the process of helping you identify your needs, discussing all the options available and the best concepts and designs to help you get the results you want. Find out more


Why Xtex? Well we could spin a few yarns about the origins and deep seated meanings behind the choice of Xtex as our brand name but, like in everything else we do, we believe in honesty and being completely transparent. The Xtex name came from the original founders of Xtex and the fact that they were ex textile business men.  

Xtex is proud of their local heritage, we've been in our old Victorian mill (built in 1832) since our inception over 50 years ago, with our second site (BGM Plastics Ltd) being brought into the family 10 years later. We're a proud Bradford company, so much so that when the opportunity to help sponsor and produce a book dedicated to showing the rich history of Bradford arose we jumped at the chance.

The xtex building as it was in the 60's

The Xtex factory as it was in the 70's



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