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Bin Liners

As Bin Bag Manufacturers, bin liners are one of the most popular, well known and versatile of all our products.

The majority of bin liners that are sold today, are thinner and more flimsy, than ever before. While this is certainly a positive, and an understandable, consequence of all of us wanting to recycle as much as we possibly can – the fact is that the manufacture of more bins and bin liners, can lead to more direct wastage, and of more damage to the bags when purchased – making them unfit for purpose.

As Bin Bag Manufacturers,  Xtex's main aim is to be the market leader in your local and wider geographical area for sturdy, adaptable and practical polythene bin liners. While we all use bin liners, they are often one of the items in life, we take most for granted, yet rely on them most when needed. Doing the shopping? Storing items in the garage? Carrying stuff to the bin? All things we have to do – every day.


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Bin Bag Manufacturers

All times when a more sturdy Xtex Bin Bag Manufacturers bin liner, comes in handy, as we become the name you can trust, and the brand you can rely on.   

At Xtex, Bin Bag Suppliers we offer for manufacture, a full range of bin liners, made to order, either standard or bespoke, according to your specific bin liner instructions. 

Xtex Bin Bag Suppliers bin liners are made from a full range of materials and composities, from the standard low-density polyethylene, through the full range of liners. Our full range of bin liner polythene composition is as follows -

Low density polythene
Recycled polythene
degradeable polythene
Biodegradable polythene 

As well as listing the materials here, Xtex Bin Bag Suppliers welcomes calls from either clients, or potential clients, for more specific information, and for samples / demonstrations of our Xtex bin liner products.

Here at Xtex, Bin Liner Manufacturers, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and will willingly match our recycling credentials against any other local company of comparable scale.

Which brings us to our bin liners. Bin liners are the staple of household disposing, and as such, consumers demand quality in even this, oft-neglected, household item.

Xtex Bin Liner Manufacturers bin liners are stronger, and more durable, than just about any other bin liners currently available on the market. Why buy two, at twice the price, when one of our bin liners, is both cheaper, and held to the same recycling requirements.

While one of our trademarked basic bin liners is slightly more expensive than a standard thinner liner from another company, we guarentee that our thicker liners will outlast the competition.

Bin Bag Manufacturer

Our Xtex bin liners themselves, aside from their main usage as a liner, can be used, according to their specific thickness, as follows -

Rubble sacks
Storing garden waste
Home or office use
Transportation of daily home items
Home waste recycling 

Our Xtex bin liners are available in a wide range of sizes, of colours, and of styles. Whether you need a standard bin liner, a tie-top or a handle Xtex top bin liner – Xtex offer all of these as standard, and more. Please just ask our customer care team on . . . . . . . for more information.

In addition to the different colours and styles, Xtex offers a different range of thicknesses for their Xtex bin liners, and can accomodate you, whatever gauge thickness you require for your Xtex bin liner. Please simply state your specific requirements when calling our customer care line.  

The most common standards of bin liners are as follows -

Standard strength – for general light waste disposal
Medium strength – for paper, and slightly heavier waste needs
Heavy Strength – for wood, and heavier more industreial waste disposal

At Xtex, Bin Bag Manufacturer we can adapt, and specialise, in all the above Xtex bin liner products, as we find that with all our ongoing clinets, we are full partners, in ensuring that we can provide you exactly what you need from Xtex.


Bin Bag Suppliers

There are several huge advangates, of partnering with us and of using a Xtex liner product.

A thicker Xtex liner, will save you money in the longer term

The full piece of mind of knowing that you can rely on an Xtex liner

This thickness will keep your waste bins cleaner – for longer

the thicker Xtex products are fully leak proof

Our larger product range means you can be sure we will supply exactly what YOU need.

An Xtex liner is fully portable and easy to use.

Different size and styleof bin liners means easier allocation to various parts of the house for different usage

Can be ordered to be fully recyclable or biodegradable

Xtex bin liners are resistant to external factors such as water or spillages

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Xtex Customer Care line on . . . . . .for further information, or simply for a no-obligation discussion about the way that Xtex Polythene Co can best serve you. We can arrange to send you samples directly, or arrange a face to face no obligation chat for further information.

Bin Liner Manufacturers

Upon deciding to order from us, Xtex Bin Bag Manufacturer will set you up with an account, wherin, you can discuss with our representatives a business tariff, which will best meet the needs of your company, as we are specialists at manufacturing, and supplying our Xtex bin liners in bulk orders.  

As with all our other Xtex products, Bin Bag Manufacturer if you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 30 day, no obligation, full refund guarentee. Again, this will be advised to you upon speaking directly with our fully trained representatives.   

Here at Xtex, we take most pride in that which we all take for granted, and as such, using an Xtex bin liner, means that we can take on the load of your bin liners, so that you don't have to!

We hope to hear from you soon.