These are the additives we hold in stock. If you require an additive that is not on our list, please call our sales team, they will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. 


The addition of AntiBlock additives helps avoid Polythene films blocking. This gives improved packaging speeds.


The addition of AntiOxidant additives helps the thermal stabilization of Polythene Films.


The addition of an AntiSlip additive helps give a High friction and AntiSlip properties to Polythene Films. Enabling you to stack your products


The addition of an AntiStatic additive helps dissipate static charges in Polythene Films 


The addition of a Slip Additive helps to give a Silica feel to the outer side of the Polythene Films.


The addition of Biodegradable additives helps Polythene Films degrade under the influence of light and heat. Polythene films that contain this additive will not start to degrade until exposed to UV light. Once the Polythene has been exposed to the UV light, the degradation reaction will be triggered and continues even in he dark. It will be accelerated by heat.

UV Stabiliser.

The addition of a UV Stabiliser helps give protection to Polythene Films from UV light.