Because there's no one size fits all solution with polythene we work closely with our customers to make sure we recommend the best blend of polythene to get the best results for them

Polythene Films

As well as our regular blend of Polymers we have our speciality blends, these have designed for the ever-changing requirements of our customers.;


Xtralite is our latest development for those people who care about the environment. XtraLite is made from a speciality blend of Polymers, which results in a strong light weight film that give the potential for a reduction of up to 20% in the film thickness, whilst maintaining a strength which is comparable to a thicker regular Polythene. Consequently there is an associated benefit of a reduction of the weight of Polythene consumed.

Xtralite ideal for all your polythene requirements


Xtex High Performance Polythene, is a blend of Polymers that gives you a High Performance Polythene film with improved stretch and impact properties. Suitable for use in a variety of places and environments. 

XHPF ideal for mattress and bedding bags


Xtrathene is our strongest most durable Polythene blend, for really arduous applications and tough working environments. 

Xtrathene is ideal for rubble or waste bags


A Polythene blend with high visual clarity.


A Freezer Grade blend of Polymers that enable you to put your Polythene into cool and freezer conditions without  any degradation or the Polythene loosing its durability.

Xtrafreeze is ideal for frozen food products



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