Polythene Bag Manufacturers

We at Polythene Bag Manufacturers are one of the largest-growing suppliers and manufacturers of polythene bags in Yorkshire. We have been in business in this area since the 1970's and, as such, have one of the strongest reputations in the locality. This is backed up by both our robust manufacturing history, as well as our growing industry reputation.

POLYTHENE BAGS MANUFACTURERS believe that the best way to grow within this untra-
competitive manufacting sector, is quite simply by word-of-mouth, and by providing class-beating
customer service.

Polythene Bags Manufacturers believe that the best way to grow within this untra-competitive manufacting sector, is quite simply by word-of-mouth, and by providing class-beating customer service.

Polythene Bag Suppliers can work with you on any of your polythene bag manufacturing needs. We stock a standard supply of carrier bags, but can retrofit our modern state-of-the-art processing system, based at Spring Mills, Bradford to make virtually any size, colour or style of bag, that you may require.

The most common sizes that Polythene Bag Manufac turers UK cater for - include a small polythene bag – ideal for two or three items, right up to a thicker stock of extra large polythene bag, ideal for the heaviest shopping or for bulk carrying.

In addition to this, we can supply virtually any colour required – please simply specify the colour and tone before your order. (One point to note however, is to please ensure that the colour is of a specific shade that will counteract and show off any printing on the requested polythene product).

As a Polythene Bag Manufacturer, we will, upon request, print your logo, graphic, or mission statement on the side of the poly-product. Once again, any size, style and format of logo is suited to out film-printing. Please clarify this with your sales contact when placing your order. (NB – we do not accept offensive, illegal or otherwise inflammatory statements on our work).

With the sizes, styles and prints listed above – Polythene Bag Manufacturers UK specialise in supplying polythene products from the smallest shop, to the largest retail outlet.

Polythene Bag Suppliers particularly welcome enquires about bespoke orders, both as a way to help you to grow as a brand, but also in order that your company can work with us closely, in order that we can provide any of your polythene products, and maximise your product awareness.

Furthermore, polythene bag manufacturer, will, upon specific request, provide small sample films, in a "swatch-style" for your inspection, in order to physically ascertain the tensile strength of any of our polythene products.

Polythene Bag Manufacturers are able to distribute NEXT DAY DELIVERY to anywhere within the UK. To this end, we have both a dedicated delivery service based on-site. However, for other deliveries, of a more specific request, or personal delivery service, we sub-contract to a locally-based delivery service.

Not only that but Polythene Bag Manufacturers UK, guarentees the delivery of your order as requesed. Please contact our sales department on 01535 272 871 to discuss your specific delivery requirements, as well as to hear more about our delivery guarentee.

Polythene Bag Manufacturers UK guarantee both the workmanship, and the service that we provide in delivering our product. We are always happy to receive feedback, in order to grow and to improve our business.

While all the specific information regarding being a Polythene Bag Manufacturer is enclosed within this website, we understand that a more personal touch is often required. To this end, should you have any further queries would like to order some small samples, or simply to discuss an order or delivery, or simply require further information on how we may be able to help your business, please contact Polythene Bag Suppliers directly on 01535 272 871 or [email protected] to discuss your needs further.

We at Polythene Bag Suppliers look forward to hearing from you.



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