Meet The Team

Dan Bentley - Wilsden/Huddersfield

When Dan joined the company in 1992, he only planned to stay for 4-6 weeks until he got a ‘proper job’!

His first jobs included sweeping up, going to the shop, making the tea and coffee and occasionally running machines.

Eventually he got the opportunity to run the machines full time, and then after 18 months he joined the maintenance team.

In 2002 he became involved with the office side of the company and in 2006 he was promoted to General Manager of Xtex.

Dan now has oversight of Xtex Polythene Ltd, at both the Wilsden and Huddersfield sites.

Daniel Pozella - Wilsden

Daniel joined Xtex in January 2016 as Sales Co-ordinator and took to the role like a duck to water, quickly becoming a well-established member of staff.

He is able to guide customers, who are sometimes unsure of what they require, through the various stages to enable them to obtain the product they need; this can often involve advice on size, thickness and polymer type, as well as sourcing art work and printing plates.

We often hear excellent feedback regarding the service he gives and he has built up an excellent rapport with existing and new customers alike.

Liz Lister - Wilsden

Liz joined Xtex in 1988 as Office Administrator, and has seen many changes in systems and personnel over the years.

Liz is now in charge of the Book-keeping department of the business, a job that suits her perfectly.

She has a great memory regarding customers and has a good working relationship with them all, which makes her an invaluable member of staff.

Rob Bentley - Wilsden/Huddersfield

In 1999, at the ripe old age of 49, after 33 years working in the local wool trade, Rob was asked to join Xtex and BGM, where he quickly reorganised the structure of the company, and put it on a solid foundation.

Rob has now taken a back seat – but this does mean that from time to time he can be a bit of a back-seat driver!

One day he intends to fully retire - although it has been noted that his holidays are becoming longer and more frequent.

Dave Roberts - Huddersfield

Dave started at the Huddersfield site in 1998, initially as a Bagging Machine Operator; he then moved to the Warehouse and soon got the place ‘ship shape’.

He then started to work alongside Val in the office when the General Manager was on annual leave, and helped with the production and planning side of the operation.

Dave is now the General Manager at the Huddersfield site.

Val Jaques - Huddersfield

Val started at the Huddersfield site in 1992 in the admin department on a job share basis, but shortly after joining she took the role on full time.

She quickly established herself as a pivotal member of the office team, forging a great working relationship with all the customers.

As we keep updating our office/computer systems, Val has become the ‘chief tester’. If it can go wrong, she can make it happen!

Val is also adept at spotting spelling mistakes (mainly Dan’s), and correcting everyone’s grammatical errors.

Val has become the go-to person if there are any issues to be addressed, given her vast experience

Kevin Aston - Huddersfield

Kev started as the Works Engineer at BGM in the summer of 1994.

It soon became apparent that he could repair anything from a printed circuit board to major breakdowns; one of his favourite jobs in the summer is lowering the extruder nip rollers from 20 metres up the extrusion towers where the temperatures can be 25 degrees higher than the factory floor.

You will often find Kev working around the factory or in his workshop covered from head to toe in oil or muck, on some project or other.

He has a fantastic knowledge of all the machines at BGM, and is a key member of staff.